To Lead is To Serve

Still Serving

It takes unique levels of empathy & humility to acknowledge that someone else’s path might be the best way for them.  Then, going beyond acknowledgement, to serve as their traveling companions, guides, or stewards can be a real struggle.  Sometimes the tendency of our own ego is to step in, assert ourselves & project our path onto someone else’s life.

At its core, military service teaches the individual to suppress the natural tendencies of the ego. For the benefit of the whole, military service members serve their brothers & sisters in uniform, their families & loved ones at home, while following the orders of elected officials & those appointed over them.  Veterans have gained experience with the struggle between personal self-preservation & an over-riding commitment to the service of others.
Our friends & family members may not wear the uniform, but they too have served & sacrificed – veterans nonetheless.  When we thank our vets, also remember those who stand beside them, behind them, and those who lead them.  They are the ones who wove & tend to the fabric of our character.  It is this network, this team-of-teams that creates the fabric of service & sustains the fabric of our culture. 
After decades of service, Matt took off his uniform for the last time a few years ago, and now we serve as a family in new ways.  We appreciate each thread in the fabric of our extremely complex & very unique American blanket of freedom.  Sol Hot Yoga Studio is just one way we serve as stewards, and we thank you for this opportunity to add to the fabric of the communities on which our freedom is based.
Veterans Day comes at an apropos time in our calendar, following election day & kicking off our holiday season. More than a time to reflect, it’s a call to action.  Let this holiday season be marked by your service.  This is your season to lead with love.
The holidays can be a lonely time for many Americans. The temperature drops & we quickly shuffle between closed doors. We can forget those left out in the cold & neglect the threads that bind us together in fairer weather.  Be mindful not to close the doors of your hearts & minds.  The blanket of freedom provides warmth to all races, colors, & creeds.
Approaching service in this manner creates new opportunities to explore deeper connections with others, while finding deeper levels of our own character.  Perhaps this is what Gandhi meant when he said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” 
We encourage you to be the leaders your own tribes need you to be. Find new ways to connect with others, support them, and lead with profound humility. The best leaders are mindful of ways to serve their teams, and they surround themselves with strong guides & companions.  We are honored & grateful by the opportunity to serve as both in your daily practice.
You are serving your own tribes each day.  You are all veterans of your own struggles & your own journeys.  You show up & go out to meet the challenges head on.  We warmly welcome you as members of our tribe & look forward to serving you. With our utmost love & gratitude, Thank you for your service!
For updates leading up to our grand opening, or simply to introduce yourself, connect with us through our webpage or social media.  Although these may be “virtual” connections today, this season, they will lead to lasting friendships of support & strength.  Namaste