Setting Your Intention

Choose Love
Finding it hard to set your intention for your practice?
Choose Love.
Choose to reconnect with that thing within yourself – within your soul – your best self. This is a choice you can make.
Believe that love resides within. Focus your concentrated attention – your Drishti. Meditate on this point. Practice with a single-pointed focus on this place within you.  By dedicating your practice to the Love within your spirit, you are cultivating your Soul.
Tomorrow’s transformation begins with this moment – The Present – Today. You can be the friend, the family member, the Loved one, the co-worker whom you wish to see in the world when you believe that love already resides like a fountain within your Soul.
If Love seems impossible, start with Forgiveness.
If Forgiveness is beyond your reach, try Empathy.
If Empathy is still a stretch, connect with your breath.
Empty your mind of fear & distractions, and be grateful for the air that fills your lungs. You are a leader of your own tribe & you can choose Love.  You can choose to be the best sister, brother, mother, father, and the best Friend you can be. 
Set your intention on this choice and concentrate your thoughts, words, and deeds.  Then, the outward – what the world sees – will reflect what has always been inside, like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon.  This is the miracle of God’s love – He sees the beautiful butterfly even when the world only sees the ugly caterpillar and the messiness inside our cocoon.  Imagine if the caterpillar refused to set its intention on forming the cocoon! 
If that much love went into a caterpillar, how much more love is within you?  Believe it.  You are a champion.  You are a leader of your tribe.  Choose to set your intention on love.
May a sense of profound Peace, Love & Gratitude spill over into everything you do today.