What is yoga?

It's yoga practice, not yoga perfect!

Yoga is a Sanskrit word, which means to yoke or join together in balance. It is a system of philosophy that is believed to be close to 6000 years old. Yoga is a practice designed to align optimal health and balance; integrating or joining the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of life. The aim of yoga is to find stillness - not the absence of motion - the absence of conflict with the internal chatter of the mind.

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Why hot yoga?

Ever wonder why it's hot yoga?

For starters, it's not about doing exercise in a hot room.  Although there are many benefits to the temperature, that is just one element of the environment.  When combined with our systematic therapeutic sequence of postures the heat creates new space and opportunities.


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got sol?

Do you love to inspire others to see the best in themselves?

Do you love to inspire others to embrace a healthy lifestyle?

Want to deepen your practice or join our yoga family?

Maybe thinking about becoming a teacher?

Check out our blog for more information about Mindfulness, Nutrition, and the many Healthy aspects of a therapeutic yoga practice.

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The practice of Hot Yoga has changed our lives; bringing us closer together as a family, and attracting other awesome people to our tribe. We want you to feel happier and healthier too.  We offer a systematic therapeutic practice that is approachable to all. A mindful practice will renew your physical and mental health.  You will see your best self shining through, and leading to a sense of well being and inner peace.

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We have created an environment that offers you the best possible experience.  You will feel challenged but it's not just about physical flexibility and strength. Our yoga practice is designed to help you still your mind, rejuvenate your body, and cultivate your soul.  We understand life can get hectic.  Every day is filled to the brim & we can forget to take care of ourselves.  We've created a space where you can rise above the noise & let your best self shine through.

SOL Hot Yoga Studio is about guiding you on this journey to a place where you can still the mind, rejuvenate the body, and cultivate the soul - a space where you can find true balance.  When you become a member of our Tribe, we will help you take it to the next level and become the ultimate hero of your Tribe.

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Next Steps...

Just curious or a little unsure if this is right for you? Come by for a tour and sign up for a class.  We can offer private session to ensure you are totally comfortable and totally stoked about your first group class.  No worries.  It's yoga practice, not yoga perfect!

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