Health & Fitness Savings Accounts

Claim your benefits!  Use your Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA) to pay for Hot Yoga with Sol Hot Yoga Studio!

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What are HSAs and FSAs? 

Health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible spending accounts (FSAs) both let you set aside money before it's been taxed to pay for health care costs. Any withdrawals are also tax-free, provided you use them to cover qualified medical expenses.

A savvy way to maximize savings & invest in your health!

FSA. Funded with pre-tax money, some save about 30 cents on each dollar spent all eligible health care bills.

  • You can use your FSA to cover eligible health care costs at the start of the year. The entire amount is available on day one.
  • FSAs are "use it or lose it." That means you’ll lose any funds you don’t spend by the end of your plan year unless the plan has a grace period or carryover feature.
  • Let us know & we will provide you with a report of your attendance.


  • Anyone can contribute to your HSA: you, your employer or another person.
  • Use the HSA to pay COBRA premiums in case of lost employement.

We're partnering with TrueMed, but you don't have to.  We share Truemed's vision, "to attack the notion that 95% of dollars are spent on intervention after people get sick."  We want to make it easier for EVERYONE to pay for memberships at Sol Hot Yoga Studio!  Ask your doctor or health care professional for a "Letter of Medical Necessity" to practice Hot Yoga & Meditation with Sol Hot Yoga Studio.  Call now to make sure you don't lose benefits in 2023.  (Read more CLICK HERE)

What does the IRS have to say?

HSA/FSA accounts were created so patients can use pretax money to pay for “expenses incurred primarily for the prevention or alleviation of a physical or mental defect or illness.”  You can even deduct mileage expenses!  (Interested in reading the IRS code yourself?  CLICK HERE)

Claiming Health & Fitness expenses does require a Letter of Medical Necessity from a doctor outlining how your yoga practice will help prevent or alleviate diagnosed medical conditions. YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE TRUEMED TO OBTAIN THE LETTER OF MEDICAL NECESSITY.  YOU MAY GO THROUGH YOUR CURRENT DOCTOR.

If you do apply through Truemed, a licensed provider will review your survey and issue a letter (if you qualify). This letter enables you to use your HSA card at your favorite grocery store or fitness outlet.  (Truemed does offer a Reimbursement Guarantee, see below.)

What's TrueMed?

TrueMed is a payments tool (think PayPal for HSA/FSA) that may help you access your HSA or FSA funds for membership with Sol Hot Yoga Studio. Their mission is to help more people afford true medicine: products and services that keep you healthy, not just treatments after you're sick.  True medicine includes things like healthy eating, supplements, exercise, saunas, sleep aids, acupuncture, and more. True medicine is what makes and keeps people healthy, and your customers should be able to use tax-free funds to pay for it.

What happens if your claim is denied?

No worries! If a customer's claim is denied, Truemed has got it covered with our Reimbursement Guarantee. Truemed will compensate for the difference. We stand by the legitimacy and credibility of our Letters of Medical Necessity (LMNs), ensuring you can practice yoga at Sol Hot Yoga Studio with total peace of mind.

More about Truemed

95% of all medical spend comes after someone is already sick. True medicine is the antidote. We need products and services that keep us healthy, not prescriptions that treat our illnesses. Truemed unlocks tax-free HSA/FSA funds for health and wellness merchants, making health more affordable than ever.

Chronic disease prevention doesn’t come from a prescription pad, a doctor’s office, or a surgeon’s scalpel. We need to incentivize true medicine that prevents and reverses the chronic conditions that plague the US today.

To address the chronic conditions that more than 90% of Americans face or are at risk for, we need to start viewing food, exercise, sleep, and other healthy practices as forms of medicine. This approach is essential because conventional drugs and medical treatments often fail to provide a cure for these conditions.

There are thousands of peer-reviewed studies that show exercise and healthy food helps reverse and prevent virtually every chronic condition - ranging from diabetes to infertility, from depression to obesity. Often, the food and dietary interventions are better than leading pharmaceuticals or medical procedures.

Doctors can prescribe food and exercise to prevent disease, and we believe more should. That’s why Justin Mares & Calley Means started Truemed.  Justin is Founder of leading health brands Kettle & FirePerfect Keto, and Surely On a mission to make health accessible and sustainable, and create a food system that heals rather than harms. And, Calley is a former food and pharmaceutical consultant. Since losing his mom to pancreatic cancer in 2022, he has been obsessed with understanding the root cause of our metabolic disease crisis.

275 Studies Showing Food, Exercise, and Supplements are Medicine.  (LINKED HERE)