Your Personal Invitation to BE Victorious!

It’s important to include a warm up in your yoga practice. As you warm up your body, you should also warm up your breath. This may sound a little odd, but it’s a great way to focus on the most essential element of life – your breath. Ujjayi and Ujjayi Pranayama breathing techniques can help you find the rhythm of your breath at the beginning of your practice.

Here are some other benefits to beginning with Ujjayi:

+ Improved concentration & focus

+ Release tension in your mind & body

+ Improve the circulation & open airways

+ Tune your brain waves*

Normally, our brains are cruising in Beta phase (18-25 Hz). Ujjayi can slow down the cycle into Alpha (9-13 Hz), and eventually create the space for Theta waves (4-8 Hz).

Although we’re constantly breathing, Ujjayi requires deliberate practice. Translated, Ujjayi is the “victorious breath”. What a great way to start your day, and begin this new week – consciously focused on being victorious. Resist the urge to simply go through the motions this week. Choose to be victorious, and begin by breathing victory into your lungs! The benefits are well worth the journey.

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