No one likes bad breath.

Breathe in positivity.

As I tell my kindergartener, no one wants to sit next to the kid with bad breath.

The quote from Gandhi encourages us to breathe in positivity, and before we exhale, take just a moment to be mindful.
Be mindful of the thoughts that you are releasing. We want to let go of the negativity; those internal toxins that plague our bodies, along with the mental chatters.
The connection that Gandhi illustrates reminds us that what we take in, eventually comes to define our values.
Like the daily practice of brushing your teeth, Yoga gives us that space to mentally brush our thoughts.
+ Create stillness
+ Rejuvenate our bodies
+ Create a network of positivity
+ Create your own climate for empathy, forgiveness, equanimity
+ Focus on building on our strengths
+ See the best in ourselves & others
+ Celebrate the wins (no matter how small they might seem)
Try to inhale positivity.  Let that positivity marinate in your mind, in this new space you’ve created.  Eventually, if you brush your mind enough, you will naturally exhale positivity.  That positivity will begin to redefine your behavior & attract more people who share your positive values.  Practicing in a yoga studio gives you a chance to immerse yourself in that network of positivity, and surround yourself with other like-minded members of the tribe.
Granted, you might still have to sit next to someone who didn’t brush their teeth.  That’s ok.  Be mindful of it.  Stay positive.  Maybe offer a genuine smile (if you believe in yourself enough to resist the tendency to judge).  And then, let it go.
Keep moving towards your own destiny, enjoying the positive benefits of your healthy practice.  Like brushing your teeth, practicing these simple steps (even if just for a few minutes every morning & every night) will help refresh your mind, body, and soul.