It’s Fall Y’all! Time to turn up the heat!

Instead of run-of-the-mill FAQ (frequently asked questions), last week we started the [y]oga series to explain some of the benefits of yoga.
This week, we’ll be addressing one of the common questions about Hot Yoga, “Why does it have to be HOT?!”
There many health benefits to practicing yoga in a properly heated room. We’ll explain the significance of “properly heated” in a later segment. But, for now we just wanted to share 3 benefits of turning up the heat in your yoga practice.
+ Injury prevention.  Believe it, or not heat actually helps the muscles to relax.  If done properly, the heat can take the edge off of muscle soreness & body pain.  Stretching too far into a posture when you’re cold, or not properly warmed up, will actually increase the risk of injury.
+ Injury recovery.  In a properly heated room, stretching into your yoga postures can actually be therapeutic.  The heat helps increase blood flow throughout the body, which can heal injuries faster.  Continue to be mindful in choosing where to practice.  As this article points out, there are risks associated; especially due to improper supervision, heating systems or over-exertion.
+ Good skin.  Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body?  It pays to take care of your skin, and sweat is one way to naturally exfoliate.  Sweat is the optimal pH factor for healthy skin, and the urea & uric acid in your sweat can help prevent dermatitis.  Also, sweating is another way to flush nasty bacteria, dirt, oils, and other toxins from your body.  (All great reasons to shower after your yoga workout.)
As the temps start to drop outside, it’s the perfect time to light the fires inside.  Connect with the team at Sol Hot Yoga Studio today and learn more about “proper” heating for your yoga practice!