Immunity-Boosting Nutrition: Part 1

We wanted to share a few thoughts & maybe some tips for nutrition during these unusual times.  We realize that everyone is making choices, every day; including whether or not to venture to the grocery store.  So, we didn’t want anyone to misunderstand these tips as ideas, when you are ready to reach for something besides the next bag of chips.  (We get it.  The temptation is real!!)

To begin this series on nutrition, we’re sharing a few thoughts on immunity.  Nothing is a guarantee, but we hope to build awareness of some things you can do besides reciting the A,B,C’s every time you wash your hands.

In the yoga world, many tend to focus on our Chakras like some kind of mysticism.  We’re hoping these practical tips will begin to highlight the science-based connections of energy in our body.  (Check out the Infograph below!)

  1. Care for your mouth. Try to brush your teeth twice a day, floss at least once a day, and gargle twice a day too.  There’s lots of evidence that relates dental health to our overall health.  Here are some links:
    • Mayo Clinic: Heart Disease Prevention
    • Mayo Clinic: Dental Health Connected to Overall Health
    • WebMd: Oral Health Affects Overall Health
  1. Slow down your chew-chew train. Take your time & enjoy the meal.  Whatever you eat, if you can wash your hands for 20 seconds, hopefully you can enjoy your food for at least as long.  This article from Healthline suggests chewing each morsel at least 32 times!  This opportunity is not only good for digestion, but also improves mental health – giving more time for us to listen to the others at the table.
  2. Sip a cup of warm water throughout the day. Add some lemon & honey if you prefer, just avoid the caffeine.  The goal is to hydrate & lubricate.  Warm/hot water is way better for digestion while improving immune system function.  Here are a few articles:
  1. Meditation.  What's meditation got to do with nutrition?  EVERYTHING!  We can’t over-emphasize the value of meditation.  During these unusual times, we would even recommend it above your physical exercise.  I know!  Who would’ve guessed?!  You've heard us say, "Changing your breath can change your emotion."  But, it can also change how energy is processed in your body.  In yoga-speak, these are the 5 Prana Vayus.  Join us for the 7am guided meditation & learn some techniques you can practice throughout your day.
  2. Thoughts of gratitude. Try to end your day by jotting down some notes on a real piece of paper – even a stickie note is better than your smart phone for this one.  The idea is to let go of your devices.  Let the last thoughts leave your mind onto the page, and commit to the positive energy by writing down a few thoughts of gratitude.

As you turn out the lights & start to drift off, come back to your meditation.  Maybe pick the thing that you’re most grateful for, and meditate.  Breathing in the positive thoughts, and exhaling anything negative.  When you wake up, you can start fresh; looking over your list again, and spending a few minutes meditating with us.  Stay tuned for more nutrition tips.  Until the next time, we wish you good health!

Oral Health-Infographic-2017