Finding Balance Amidst Chaos

Driven by Distraction

Distractions surround us. 

The average American checks their phone 80 times a day (every 12 minutes), and about 24 hours surfing the internet each week.  The Pew Research Center recently reported that only one quarter of rural Americans have a problem accessing high-speed internet.  Access to TV and the internet seems virtually unlimited and ubiquitous, and an infinite amount of distractions are at our fingertips.

Many of us can’t live without it.  As business owners, it’s impossible to ignore.  As working adults in America, many of us enjoy these types of luxuries of life in the 21st Century.  Here in Indiana, the FCC recently awarded over $29M in funding to increase broadband speeds throughout the state.  Rest assured, distractions are becoming more inevitable, not less.

High-speed internet aside, distractions can come in many forms, and it is harder and harder to stay focused.  From 1998 to 2008, our attention spans shrank from 12 minutes to 5 minutes, by some reports.  Considering that it takes over 23 minutes to re-focus after a distraction, the results can be costly.  To echo The Muse, “This is Nuts.”

Seek balance

Our brains are constantly processing data.  We are hard-wired to seek input that will help us survive and thrive, and our brains naturally seek equilibrium.  However, the incessant stream of information requires more & more focus to filter the junk from the important stuff.  As various demands compete for our attention and our brain power, it is challenging to stay on point.

There are several yoga postures that help us find balance on our mat.  Revolved Half Moon, Eagle Pose and many others challenge our abilities to stay focused and balanced.  Beyond standing on one foot, it’s also important to integrate postures that promote symmetrical balance between parts of your body.  For example, postures that compress the spine, like Bow or Camel, need to be balanced with postures (e.g., Rabbit) that stretch the tissues, muscles, and joints along our backs.   (For more info, check out this article from Yoga Journal’s Master Class.)

During a yoga practice the various postures create stresses and strains on our minds and bodies.  A properly guided practice, either in a group or private one-on-one session can help recognize and correct imbalance.  Likewise, an intentionally designed sequence can help you find and refine your focus and balance.  Without practice, your pain receptors can saturate your brain and distract focus on your Drishti.

Stay focused

To remain balanced in life, despite the distractions, we need to carry this practice from our mats and into our daily routines.  You may have heard the word Drishti used in a yoga class to reference a steady gaze toward a physical point to help you hold a balancing posture.  In the quest to find balance in your life, this concept can be related to the expression of Ekāgratā – a single pointed focus.  The intention is to practice the pursuit of purpose through focused attention.

Practicing a disciplined focus and balance are fundamental to your yoga routine.  These same principles are also central to maintaining focus and balance in life off your mat.  When we are inundated with information, this can be extremely difficult; especially if you practice alone at home.  Practicing in a group setting, where everyone is working in unity together can help you see significant benefits.

At Sol Hot Yoga Studio, we believe that a guided sequence of yoga postures helps us sharpen our focus and improve balance, both on our mats and off.  Practicing yoga with this intention helps us become more resilient individuals, despite discomforts and distractions.  We heat the environment and carefully choreograph our sequence of postures with the belief that more resilient neighbors create more resilient communities.

Our actions on our mats reflect how we are when we’re off the mat.  The practice of maintaining balance and focus in a controlled environment can help you find balance and remain focused in life, amidst the chaos.  The Sol Hot Yoga Studio yoga practice is designed to help you find balance and maintain focus toward your purpose.  We look forward to guiding you through your practice soon!

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