Leaders – Lead With Your Heart

What emotion arises when you hear those words, "Lead with your heart"?

What you feel may say something about how you have been conditioned; how past experiences have programmed you.

Pause to think.  Whether your emotional response comes from Love or Fear, you may be biased based on your past conditioning.

Consider the story of congressman Bob Inglis.  Having served 12 years, in his re-election campaign, he chose to suggest climate change was worth attention.  Now, there's a reason I didn't lead with the adjective "GOP" Congressman.  He was staunch conservative in a conservative district.  The re-election was his to lose.

Political suicide, right?!  So, the question is, why would a politician "flip-flop".

The answer may surprise you.  Inglis says, "If we can't do 180's on things, then it means we're just stuck.  When the facts over-take you, it's better to be overtaken than to double-down disputing the facts."

But, why would he risk it all & do anything except stick to the party line?  What made him change his mind?

He says, in retrospect, his five children are "people I want to grow up to be like."

That is a place of love.  So much love that his position changed 180-degrees.

Near the end of Matt's military service, he was in Command of a high-tempo combat unit & at the culmination of over 20 years in uniform.  His #1 lesson on leadership was this - serve those who serve you, not from a place of fear, rather from a place of love.

Through the course of his wonderful career, he had witnessed such astounding acts of self-less service.  He had learned that there is no greater love than to serve the one to your right, to your left, and especially those standing behind you.

Still, the same question remains, why would anyone risk it all?  In Matt's line of work, that sometimes meant certain death - literally.  He was a bomb disposal officer serving in the ranks of our special operations forces.  It's hard to imagine a more conscious risk, than a single person who chooses to walk toward an explosive device.

"The bravest are surely those..." - Thucydides

But, again, what made him & so many of his brave companions make that choice time & time again?!  What made them risk it all?

It wasn't fear.  And, you'd have to think twice before calling any of them 'weak' for this level of vulnerability.  Even Brene Brown would surely have to applaud!

Those brave & noble acts came from a place of deep-rooted love; love for those they served with, love for those they left behind.  Even love for the Nation that supported them, or didn't.  They all believed in the selfless service.

You just don't see that level sitting in the boardroom, in politics, or in corporate America; not even in small business.

But, we can.

Maybe you consider yourself a leader, or maybe you don't.  We all make choices that impact others; whether that's at home, at work, or at school.  Great followers & great teammates, also make great leaders.

Whatever role you're in, be mindful of those who guide you along your path, and consider this question - are they acting from a place of fear & suffering & struggle of the ego?

And, don't be afraid to ask yourself the same.  Am I acting from a place of love, or a place of fear?

There is certain risk in either answer, but which do you choose?  Make the choice with a clear intention.

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