Yoga found Sydney in 2010 as a new mother staying at home with two young babies. She was in search of a physical activity that would keep her in shape both mentally and physically, as well as help her to survive motherhood. As a former competition and college cheerleader as well as Olympic style weightlifter, the form, alignment and movement corresponding to the breath of yoga was an instant attraction and start of the relationship between Sydney and her mat. Immediately she began to notice that through her practice not only was she reaping the benefits physically but she was noticing an improved ability to juggle all of the craziness life was presenting. A few moves as a result of her husband’s job also provided an opportunity to practice many different styles of yoga from many different teachers.

Sydney’s new-found love of yoga quickly became apparent to many of the people in her life and soon friends and family began asking to practice with her “one on one.”  As these practice sessions became more regular it was evident that not only did Sydney love yoga, she loved sharing it with others, watching them grow in their practice, and reaping the many benefits that Sydney had found for herself.  Sydney then joined the Sol Yoga family as a Yoga teacher in training in 2020, completing her RYT -200hr certification.

Sydney is so grateful for the opportunity to share the love of her practice with others, helping to create space in the body and in the mind while focusing on present moment living and finding the joy in their journey.